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Oleksii S. Malakhov (brezerk)

TitleIT Mercenary (devops)
Current positionSenior Release Engineer at GlobalLogic
Current locationKiev, Ukraine
Date of Birth26/01/1985
Kharkov, Ukraine
DegreeInformation Control System's analyst
UniversityKharkov National University of Radioelectronics
Information Control Systems Department
Kharkov, Ukraine
SchoolTechnical Lyceum №173
Kharkov, Ukraine
LanguagesEnglish, Ukraininan, Russian


OpenSource [1]
Starting Jul 2008
Q4Wine is a qt4 GUI for W.I.N.E. It will help you manage wine prefixes and installed applications. It currently support for Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS X platforms.
Toolkit: C, C++, Qt4, git, CMake, doxygen, python, django, wine, sqlite
OpenSource contributions [2]
Hobby Projects [2]
Starting Dec 2014
A twitter application, designed to automatically block the so called 'vatniks' (brainwashed persons) and 'Kremlin bots'
Toolkit: redis, celery, django, mysql, openvpn, collectd, python, twython, git
Starting Jan 2014
Simple OpenGL / SDL GUI toolkit
Toolkit: c++, boost, sdl, opengl, glsl


Software Development [11]
Software development processes
tsp(gsp), rally, scrum
System development
c, c++, boost, qt, python, bash, ruby
Graphic technologies
sdl, opengl, glsl
Web development
django, php, javascript, jquery, ajax, html/css
Queuing technologies
Caching technologies
memcached, redis
Database technologies
mysql, sqlite
Revision control systems
svn, git
Documentation systems
doxygen, pydoc
Build systems
cmake, qmake, make, autotools
Continuous integration
jenkins, bamboo
Issue tracking systems
jira, github
System Administration [8]
Services configuration, administration and long term service support
dns(bind, dnsmasq), samba, nfs, httpd(apache, nginx), mta(postfix, sendmail), imap/pop3(dovecot), ftp(vsftpd), atftp, rsync, proxy(squid, socks), e.t.c.
Automation configuration management
puppet, ansible, capistrano, bash, python, ruby
Hi-availability systems
crm, heartbeat, ctdb
Virtualization infrastructure
kvm/qemu, libvirt, vbox, docker
Database administration
Directory infrastructure
openldap, slapd, nis, sssd, winbind, ms ads
Problem solving
customer support, remote support, remote hands
Network configuration
iptables, bonding, vlan, routing e.t.c.
Storage management
raid, lvm, luks, dm-crypt
Network Administration [6]
Network topology design
Virtual private network managemnt
openvpn, ipsec, l2tp
Router management
cisco systems 2600, 3600, 6000 series routers
L2/L3 Switches management
cisco systems catalyst 2900, 3700, 6500 series switches, dlink, dell
cisco ccm/ccme
Firmware management
openwrt, odroid

Employment History

Carrer [5]
Senior Release Engineer
May 2016 - Present
Automating and executing product release processes. Responsible for software builds and releases. Responsible for the design and development of builds, automation scripts, installation procedures e.t.c..
Toolkit: capistrano, ruby, puppet, WebLogic, jython, wlst, tomcat, jenkins, bamboo, git
Software developer
Seagate Technology
April 2014 - May 2016 (2 years 2 month)
Developing software for cluster management - my responsibilities are Backend and Middleware tasks. Integrating and system testing developed software in real hardware.
Toolkit: lustre, hpc tools, puppet, python, gwt, soap, mysql, bash
Software developer
January 2011 – April 2014 (3 years 4 months)
Developing software for cluster management - my responsibilities are Backend and Middleware tasks. Integrating and system testing developed software in real hardware.
Toolkit: lustre, hpc tools, puppet, python, gwt, soap, mysql, bash
Network Administrator
Ukrzaliznica, GIOC (Main Computing Facility)
May 2007 – January 2011 (3 years 9 months)
Corporate GNU/Linux servers (DNS, FTP, LAMP e.t.c.) administration. Cisco ISO and CatOS administration. Corporate Cisco VoIP (CCM and CCME) servers administration. Corporate network support and problem solving. Development of on-line automatization systems.
Toolkit: sshd, postfix, dovecot, heartbeat, rsync, vsftpd, apache, nginx, atftp, telnetd, bind, mysql, squid, socks, iptables, vconfig, django, python, perl, php, javascript
System Administrator
LLC “Teplovent”
August 2005 – April 2007 (1 year 9 months)
GNU/Linux gateway administration. FTP, SMB and Squid services administration. Corporate network support and problem solving.
Toolkit: sshd, postfix, dovecot, vsftpd, mysql, squid, socks, iptables, bash, php


My name is Oleksii Malakhov. I was born on a cold, sunny day in January in Kharkov, Ukraine. Currently I live in Kiev, it is an capital of Ukraine. I live with my wife Iren and with my daughter Nicole. My father is an radioelectronics engeneer, so in my childhood I was playing with radioelectronics parts, computer electronics and software.

I started school when I was six-years-old and graduated from Technical Lyceum 173 in 2002. Eventually, I began working with Linux and start playing around opensource software. I studied at the Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics for five years (2002-2007), where I planned to major in Computer Science.

In Jul 2008 I have started q4wine project. It still continue to evolve from an simple 7-lines 'Hello World' application written just for fun. I am really impressed with OpenSource development model.

Then we moved to Kiev and I went to work as an Network Administrator at Ukrzaliznica, GIOC department (Main Computing Facility). I was enjoying this times. There was a great kindly people and a lot of hi-end and expensive hardware to learn and explore. And I was kindly allowed to play with it. I wrote from scratch several on-line services for Ukrzaliznica, like on-line billing system for corporate services and system for corporate electronic document workflow. Had started an IP Telephony integration.

In the begining of 2011 I have started to work for Xyratex. Developing software for cluster management namely ClusterStor™. It was pretty exciting time. I learned so much new technologies and meet many exciting people. It was a literrary the dawn of my carrera.

In April 2013 Xyratex was acquired by Seagate Technology. I have continued to work on the ClusterStor™ project.

In July 2015 my daughter Nicole was born. Well. It is the most excinting day in my life.

Seagate was not doing well and dismissed Canada team worked on monitoring stuff. Unfortunately things got even worse and Seagate tried to reduce the costs by dismissal of the Trinity team at May 2016. Thats how I lost my job.

Presently, I am a Release Engineer at Global Logic, and spend most of my free time involved with developing my small projects like q4wine, karatel, ltgui or spending time with friends and family. I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy, and I love to travel whenever I have the time and the money at the same moment.

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