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v0.999-rc7 release candidate
posted by: brezerk on: 03 Jun 2012

Hi to all.

Here it is new q4wine release candidate tagged by 0.999-rc7 version.

This is pre 1.0 release, so bug hunt season is open :)

Changes since 0.121 are:


  • Winetricks database cache;
  • Merge Wintricks core;
  • New System Config interface;
  • Mac OS X support;
  • Pre and Post run Icon scripts [3465598][3388054][2716333];
  • Icon and Prefix sorting (name, date);
  • Version string to About page;
  • Handler for wrong URL in wine app db;
  • Logging subsystem activation\deactivation button to Logging tab toolbar;
  • taskmgr, winemine, iexplorer, control, oleview icons to prefix's system folder;
  • New system icons from latest wine version;
  • Install program icons in $prefix/share/icons/hicolor/; Add 16,22,32,48,64,96,128,256 icon sizes [3505384];
  • Add prefix to translation files names [3506372];
  • Enhanced win64 support for wine;
  • Better Wine library path autodetection [Linux];
  • Create ~/.local/share/wineprefixes directory if it does not exists;
  • Error is Desktop paths are empty;
  • Desktop Paths are wrongly labeled [3491775];
  • Win32 prefix creation while prefix directory exists;
  • Unite Icon\Detail toolbar actions;
  • No translations autoupdate at project build. Use make translations insted;
  • Fixed process refresh loop;
  • Extended env command after console terminal;
  • Updated README file: added "Known Issues" section;
  • Set WINEDEBUG to '-all' if logging subsystem disabled and program was executed not in console session;
  • Icon export dialog empty icons [3358599];
  • Dropped obsolete strings from translation files [3358602];

You can get q4wine from git or download it from source forge mirror.

Bug tracker has been moved to github
posted by: brezerk on: 24 Apr 2012

Hi All.

Due to mass spam on SF I suggest to move q4wine issue and support tracker to a new location:

Note: Tracker on SF will be closed and removed soon!

0.121 release
posted by: brezerk on: 13 Jun 2011

Hi to all.

Here it is time for new q4wine release tagged by 0.121 version.

Changes since 0.120-r1 are:


  • updated winetricks plugin;
  • option to make Prefix view unexpanded at startup;
  • Polish translation by Frank (nobange);
  • interoperability of wineprefixes between q4wine, wibom, vineyard, and winetricks (and maybe playonlinux) BottleSpec;
  • German translation by Ron;
  • experimental build support for Mac OS X;
  • extended virtual desktop resolution list [3150062];
  • request for language locale support [3144001 and 3149056];
  • Hebrew translation by Yaron Shahrabani;
  • Prefix alphabetic sort;


  • build on FreeBSD;
  • removed embedded fuseiso support (q4wine-mount);

Released sources and packages are available in our downloads page.

0.120-r1 bug-fix release
posted by: brezerk on: 28 Dec 2010

q4wine 0.120-r1 released

Hi to all.

Here it is time for new q4wine release tagged by 0.120-r1 version.

Unfortunately, due to lack of free time, many planned features was not implemented and targeted for next release;

Changes since 0.120 are:


  • q4wine now will create new symlinks when mounting $WINEPREFIX/dosdevices/${DRIVE}: pointing to the mount point and $WINEPREFIX/dosdevices/${DRIVE}:: pointing to the Image file; Apparently this is needed so that the images are recognized as a proper cd/dvd drive; (thx to patch by aleric)
  • Added cmake option WITH_SYSTEM_SINGLEAPP to compile q4wine with system installed QtSingleAppliaction library;
  • Added cmake option RELEASE for translation and developing purposes;
  • Added cmake option LINGUAS which specify languages to build;
  • "make translations" target; Use it for translation updates;
  • Added cmake option LIBS_ENTRY_PATH to allow override for libs install directory;
  • Implementation for feature request 3079649 (Prefixes list sorting);


  • mount images in read only mode (ro); by aleric
  • removed media drive option in prefix settings dialog;
  • Fixed quote bugs for WINEDEBUG and DISPLAY variables, reported by Carlos Ignacio Ruax;
  • English fixes by Steven Panek;
  • Fake drive can create unlinked desktop folders;
  • Move File System item upper in Fake Drive Settings dialog;

Released sources and packages are available in our downloads page.

Thanks for using q4wine, and Happy New Year to all! :]

Packages for Fedora distribution.
posted by: brezerk on: 13 Nov 2010

Thanks to Dmitrij S. Kryzhevich q4wine packages are available in official repositories of Fedora distribution. Packages are available for 12, 13 and 14 Fedora releases.

0.120 release
posted by: brezerk on: 01 Oct 2010

Hi to all.

Here it is time for new q4wine release tagged by 0.120 version.

Changes since 0.119 are:


  • Added Czech translation (thx to Pavel Fric);
  • Added cmake option MANPAGE_ENTRY_PATH;
  • User now can open system terminal from q4wine programs tab menu for selected directory;
  • Winetriks plug-in updates;
  • Added minimize to tray at startup option;
  • Added minimize to tray at application icon startup option;
  • DBUS notification;
  • Added Wine WOW64Node support and configuration settings;


  • warning: ignoring return value of ‘int chdir(const char*)’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result;
  • Fixed unescaped characters in q4wine-helper (q4wine-Bugs-3059156);
  • Fixed run dialog bug for gut trunk (q4wine-Bugs-3075628);
  • Fixed bug in q4wine-helper while run games like: Fallout 1\2, Truck Simulator e.t.c.
  • Fixed some typo and gui layouts;
  • Fixed fakedrivesettings.cpp rewrite sh scripts in to C++\Qt code;
  • FreeBSD: report error while can't read process info from /proc fs;
  • Fixed $HOME/.config/q4wine/tmp not required any more, we use $WINEPREFIX/tmp instead;
  • Desktop file updates;

Released sources and packages are available in our downloads page.

0.119-r1 bug-fix release
posted by: brezerk on: 20 Aug 2010

Hi to all.

Here it is time for new q4wine bug-fix release tagged by 0.119-r1 version. Changes since 0.119 are:


  • Updated Russian translation (thx to Boris Pek);
  • Settings dialog online documentation;


  • Some of English spell errors;
  • hyphen-used-as-minus-sign errors for man pages;
  • bug with dll override app run (q4wine-Bugs-3043548);
  • bug with user console wine app run;
  • strange locale bug reported by Taras Rozbitskiy;
Unofficial builds for Debian and Ubuntu
posted by: brezerk on: 16 Aug 2010

Thanks to Alex_P unofficial builds of q4wine packages is now available for Debian (lenny, squeeze, sid) and Ubuntu (jaunty, karmic, lucid).

0.119 release
posted by: brezerk on: 10 Aug 2010

Hi to all.

Here it is time for new q4wine release tagged by 0.119 version.

Changes since 0.118 are:

  • New Fake Drive settings dialog (Wizard now obsolete);
  • Added a lot of new Fake Drive options;
  • Desktop integration;
  • Wine .desktop files import;
  • Sync fake drive settings to head wine version;
  • Various user interface enhancement;
  • Updated Ukrainian, Italian and Spanish translations;
  • Updated on-line documentation;
  • Some fixes for GUI layout;
  • Winetriks plug-in improvement;
  • Fixed bugs reported by users;
  • Fixed some of English spellings;
I and Irina have married
posted by: brezerk on: 23 Jul 2010

Hi to all!

Today (2010-07-23 10:50), I and Irina have married. We are happy. We get honey month :P

For this period development process for q4wine will be halted for a while.

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