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v0.999-rc7 release candidate
posted by: brezerk on: 03 Jun 2012

Hi to all.

Here it is new q4wine release candidate tagged by 0.999-rc7 version.

This is pre 1.0 release, so bug hunt season is open :)

Changes since 0.121 are:


  • Winetricks database cache;
  • Merge Wintricks core;
  • New System Config interface;
  • Mac OS X support;
  • Pre and Post run Icon scripts [3465598][3388054][2716333];
  • Icon and Prefix sorting (name, date);
  • Version string to About page;
  • Handler for wrong URL in wine app db;
  • Logging subsystem activation\deactivation button to Logging tab toolbar;
  • taskmgr, winemine, iexplorer, control, oleview icons to prefix's system folder;
  • New system icons from latest wine version;
  • Install program icons in $prefix/share/icons/hicolor/; Add 16,22,32,48,64,96,128,256 icon sizes [3505384];
  • Add prefix to translation files names [3506372];
  • Enhanced win64 support for wine;
  • Better Wine library path autodetection [Linux];
  • Create ~/.local/share/wineprefixes directory if it does not exists;
  • Error is Desktop paths are empty;
  • Desktop Paths are wrongly labeled [3491775];
  • Win32 prefix creation while prefix directory exists;
  • Unite Icon\Detail toolbar actions;
  • No translations autoupdate at project build. Use make translations insted;
  • Fixed process refresh loop;
  • Extended env command after console terminal;
  • Updated README file: added "Known Issues" section;
  • Set WINEDEBUG to '-all' if logging subsystem disabled and program was executed not in console session;
  • Icon export dialog empty icons [3358599];
  • Dropped obsolete strings from translation files [3358602];

You can get q4wine from git or download it from source forge mirror.

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